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The Afternoon Mix Podcast: The Morning MIX Drama

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There was a lot of drama between The Morning MIX and The Afternoon MIX today regarding Lollapalooza Argentina news. McCabe told Jenny that there’s a correct way to hang toilet paper. He thinks that toilet paper should hang under, but the majority of people hang toilet paper over. Who’s the Bobo Head? Jenny finally convinced McCabe to watch The Hot Chick starring Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams. He thought he’d hate it, but ended up loving it. What’s a movie you thought would be terrible, but you actually enjoyed? Dealbreaker Drama: Jason can’t stand when his date ALWAYS wants to watch the show that he absolutely HATES. If someone isn’t into the same shows as you, is that a dealbreaker? Today’s Trends in 10 was about Blink-182 postponing the beginning of their world tour following Travis Barker’s gruesome finger injury.

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