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The Afternoon Mix Podcast: Thanksgiving Pizza

Featuring daily highlights from The Afternoon Mix with McCabe and Jenny 2-7 PM on 101.9fm The Mix | WTMX Chicago. McCabe and Jenny dive into relationships, entertainment news, trending topics from pop culture and social media, new music, and more.

Jenny received a group text from Chris from The Morning Mix that included her boss and other coworkers. She happened to be a little intoxicated after partying and feels like a Bobo Head for responding in gibberish. McCabe thinks Chris is the Bobo Head for sending a group text about work on a Saturday night. Who’s the Bobo Head? DiGiorno is selling a Thanksgiving pizza and Jenny was inspired to make McCabe a homemade version to try. Mondays are tough, so McCabe and Jenny had listeners call in to “Let It All Out!”

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