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The Afternoon Mix Podcast: Living On The Edge

Featuring daily highlights from The Afternoon Mix with McCabe and Jenny 2-7 PM on 101.9fm The Mix | WTMX Chicago. McCabe and Jenny dive into relationships, entertainment news, trending topics from pop culture and social media, new music, and more.

Jenny ran errands this morning and noticed her husband left the gas tank almost on empty. McCabe likes to test the limits when it comes to filling up. Whose side are you on? With a cold winter weekend ahead, Jenny plans to deep clean her apartment. What’s the grossest thing you’ve found in your couch cushions? Dealbreaker Drama: Emily texted in that a guy she went on a date with got drunk, stopped the car to throw up and then wanted a good night kiss. Would that be a dealbreaker for you? Today’s Trends in 10 was about The Chicago Polar Bear Club’s Take the Plunge fundraiser.  

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