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The Afternoon Mix Podcast: Bright Flights

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Jenny flew to North Carolina for a wedding over the weekend. She sat in the middle seat of the plane while the person who had the window seat kept the window shade open the entire flight. Jenny thinks when you’re up in the clouds and can’t see anything, you should keep the shades down because it’s so bright for people who are trying to sleep. McCabe likes to leave the window shade open to see all the scenery the whole flight. Who’s The Bobo Head? We asked for a friend: when did you witness someone make a scene at a wedding? Dealbreaker Drama: While McCabe and Jenny were at Lollapalooza, they talked to The Beaches who mentioned a dating dealbreaker for them was bad grammar. Would that be a dealbreaker for you? Today’s Trends In 10 was about a Mattel Adventure Park opening in 2024.

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