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The Afternoon Mix Podcast: At Home Fears

Featuring daily highlights from The Afternoon Mix with McCabe and Jenny 2-7 PM on 101.9fm The Mix | WTMX Chicago. McCabe and Jenny dive into relationships, entertainment news, trending topics from pop culture and social media, new music, and more.

Jenny was venting to McCabe about her husband will text her “what’s up” or when she’s busy at work and doesn’t really have time for text convos. McCabe’s ex used to call him to have conversations when he was at work. Are they Bobo Heads for getting annoyed by constant texts from their partners when at work or should they be flattered? Who’s the Bobo Head? DiGiorno is selling a Thanksgiving pizza and Jenny wants to make a homemade version for McCabe to try on Monday. What’s something you enjoy that sounds disgusting? McCabe told Jenny that he’s afraid of putting his hand in his garbage disposal and they heard about dumb things people are afraid of at home.

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