MIX New Music Club Podcast

Special Episode: Etty Farrell | Lollapalooza 2022

You thought we were done posting about Lollapalooza?! Think again!

We have one more special, unreleased interview with Etty Farrell! Etty is a singer, dancer, and partner of Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell. Etty sat down with McCabe, Jenny, and Lisa Allen talk about all things Lolla! There’s really no one better to dish on the whole festival process; from performing at her very own Lolla after show to booking up-and-coming new artists that you may have never seen before. Artists like J-Hope, who was the first ever K Pop artist to perform at a western festival! Not only is she a stellar performer, she’s also a fashion icon. You can hear her vocals on the new Kind Heaven Orchestra album and in the band Porno for Pyros which is fronted by her own husband Perry! Hear McCabe, Jenny, and Lisa talk about all this and more with Etty Farrell on the Mix New Music Club Podcast: Lollapalooza Edition!

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