Do You Have A Sec

How to Resume (w/Amy Do)

It’s Amy Do Day on the pod! And Readers, we couldn’t be more serious when we say that this is our best episode yet. Amy Do is a Career Counselor at the DePaul University Career Center. But she’s also a friend 🙂 who knows a lot about earthquakes. Amy joins us to talk about robot’s that read resumes, Ava Max’s career, and how a portfolio isn’t just a binder made of understated leather. Genuinely though, if you’re a person who is alive and has to work this episode contains so much advice on the thing we all love to hate and hate to love: our jobs. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. All that jazz. You can hear us talk about it all with Amy on this week’s episode of Do You Have A Sec? Big thanks to Amy Do for being on the pod, follow her on LinkedIn for helpful advice!

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