Do You Have A Sec

Goin to the Chapel Gotta Get a Haircut

Happy Women’s History Month! To kick off this historic month we pondered wether or not Joan of Arc would be a coffee or tea person. Just kidding…maybe. This episode was recorded on a euphoric Monday in March, with silly goofy moods and big smiles. Here’s what we tackled: haircuts are HARD. We never know the right words to describe what we want, the pictures we show never fit our faces, and when it’s not right we always say it’s perfect because of course we don’t want to hurt the stylists feelings. But when it’s right, it’s SO RIGHT. Emma got a haircut that literally left her dancing in the street, Michelle is making creative project moves, and Eva wants us to get married. Hear the gals talk about all this and more on this week’s episode of Do You Have a Sec?

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