COVID-19 protection — now with the great scent of bacon!

Breathable Bacon Mask
Hormel Foods Corporation

(NEW YORK) — Few people enjoy wearing face masks, but pretty much everyone loves bacon.  Enter Hormel, which — smelling an ideal opportunity — has combined the two into a one-of-a-kind product.

Introducing HORMEL™ BLACK LABEL™ Breathable Bacon.  It’s a face mask that’s impregnated with the scent of, well, bacon. 

“Don’t just eat bacon.  Inhale it,” the Breathable Bacon mask website declares.  “Using the latest in bacon-smell technology and irresistibly breathable, 2-ply fabric, finally, bacony-bliss can be with you always — even while out in public.”

And in keeping with the name, the mask itself is solid black, save for repeating images of crispy-delicious bacon printed on it.

A marketing gimmick?  Sure, but a good one, and also for a good cause.  For every person who enters to win a Breatheable Bacon mask at, Hormel will donate a meal to Feeding America.

A bacon-scented mask is actually par for the course for Hormel, which not that long ago also revealed what they claimed is the world’s first bacon-fueled motorcycle.

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