COVID-19 cases surpass 11 million in U.S., death toll approaches 250k


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — As the nation prepares for the Thanksgiving holiday next week, health officials are urging Americans to celebrate the holiday with those who they share a household with and not travel to see family.   

With numbers of positive cases and deaths surging nationwide, those working at hospitals fear Thanksgiving feasts could become super spreader events and further overwhelm ICU centers.

The U.S. confirmed 11 million positive COVID-19 cases on Sunday, pushing the total amount to 11,037,061 by early Monday according to Johns Hopkins University.  The nation surpassed 10 million cases on November 9.

The nation’s death toll also increased significantly, passing 246,000 people dead from the virus on Sunday.

This rise in cases, which health officials call troubling, is partnered with the nation breaking record high daily confirmed cases, with the nation experiencing over 100,000 new cases a day since November 4.  

On Friday, the nation notched a new record high by adding more than 184,000 new cases. Currently, the nation is averaging 141,000 new confirmed cases a day.  

The U.S. accounts for only four percent of the world’s population, but health officials say that the nation accounts for a fifth of the world’s reported COVID-19 cases. 

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