COVID-19 cases on the rise in nearly every state

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(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — With the United States confirming over 100,000 daily COVID-19 cases, most of the nation is seeing a surge in the number of new infections and hospitalizations.

In 49 states, COVID-19 cases are up.   Between October 31 and November 6, the nation added over 677,000 new positive cases, which is 100,000 more than the prior week of October 24 to the 30, with 565,606 new cases, says the COVID Tracking Project.

There was an additional 5,782 deaths last week while this most recent week saw an additional 6,785 lives lost, according to the COVID Tracking Project.  In all, the nation’s death toll 

Around 1 in 5 hospitals across the nation are reportedly at 80 percent ICU capacity, which is above the 17 to 18 percent of hospitals that reported similar numbers during the summertime peak.

In addition to a surge in COVID-19 cases, there is an increasing positivity rate among the nation’s youth.  In October, 200,000 children tested positive for COVID-19, with 61,000 new cases reported just last week, confirms the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association.

That is the highest weekly number since the onset of the pandemic.  

In all, over 853,000 children have been infected with COVID-19.

As of Sunday, nearly 10 million Americans have contracted the virus and the nation’s death toll is over 237,000, reports Johns Hopkins University.

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