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Chris @ Nite

Kelly Clarkson Covers Post Malone and It’s Amazing! November 13, 2019

Have you heard this? Kelly Clarkson could sing the Cheesecake Factory Menu and it’d be fire.

An Ed Sheeran Lookalike Fooled Everybody! November 12, 2019


I mean, he really does look like Ed Sheeran. Can you really blame everyone who thought it was him?!?

Mariah Carey Gives Lizzo Stamp of Approval November 11, 2019

Two things.

  1. Did Lizzo really need it anyway?
  2. All I want is for someone to recognize that I’m 100% that B*%#c.

See the full article HERE.

All-New Not From Here Podcast Available Today! October 30, 2019


Ready for a great story, perfect for Halloween, about Kaycee and her wife’s first date? It’s a spooktacular love story, especially for someone who hates haunted houses!

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or on!

Can you survive 10 HOURS in a Haunted House? October 25, 2019











Here’s the thing, I can’t survive a 90 minute horror move – I haven’t seen IT and there’s no way I’m going to see IT 2 either. So, the last thing I want to do is spend 10 HOURS inside of a terrifying haunted house.

Not to mention, I have no interest in filling out 40 pages of paperwork.

However, if you have the guts, the bladder, and the time – you could win $20,000!

Get all of the details HERE.

Filtered Questions with Tatum Lynn October 24, 2019

Tatum Lynn joined me for a MIX of Filtered Questions. I mean, let’s be honest, we look really good…

20 Essential Dive Bars in Chicago October 17, 2019











Where’s the best dive bar in the city? Share your thoughts with me @ChrisPetlak.

Here’s the list from Chicago Eater to get you started!

Double Your Chris, Double Your Paycheck October 15, 2019
Are you registered to have your paycheck doubled? Get to it!
Thursday’s your last chance to win, click here to register.