Cellphone data shows Americans are starting to head out of the house more


(MARYLAND) — With dropping COVID-19 infection rates in many cities due to ongoing vaccine efforts and millions with immunity from having recovered from the disease, we’re getting out of our houses again in a big way.

That’s at least according to researchers at the University of Maryland, who have been studying the movements of our own personal GPS trackers: our cellphones.

Quoting the data, the Washington Post notes that by the first week of this month, the number of trips more than a mile from one’s home was more than 13.6% higher than in the same period of 2020, before lockdown orders began.

Even as millions of Americans continue to work from home, the number of non-work-related trips per day has also jumped as much as 20%.  A combination of enthusiasm about the pandemic, spring fever, and lockdown fatigue has more of us eager to go, well, anywhere that’s not the inside the house.

Mofeng Yang, the lead researcher on the University’s Maryland Transportation Institute project, noted, “We’ve been through a long winter and a lot of cases. People might want to escape from their homes.”

You don’t have to be a scientist to know that.

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