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Bebe Rexha reveals the “main thread line” of her long-awaited next album


Bebe Rexha has been teasing her sophomore album for a long time, but so far, there’s no title or release date.  However, she did tell ABC Audio that the album’s theme is definitely reflected in the songs we’ve heard so far: “Jealous” and “Sacrifice.”

“The same thread throughout the songs is that they all kind of talk about insecurities that I have,” she explains. “Whether it be, like, the fear of not being good enough, or my insecurity of being jealous, and my insecurity of failing, or my insecurity of sabotaging everything in my life. So…that’s the main thread line throughout the whole album.”

Even when Bebe does release the album, it’s not clear whether the pandemic will have eased up enough for her to travel to promote it.  But she says staying home agrees with her — in fact, it’s made her realize that her previous lifestyle as a globe-trotting pop star may have been detrimental.

“I feel like a happier person [in quarantine], in a sense that I have been able to really slow down and really be like ‘What’s good for me as a human?’ and what’s healthy for me,” she explains.

“I notice I’m really just a homebody,” Bebe adds. “I just actually really like staying home and just watching TV and cuddling my dog.”

What’s more, Bebe says she’s noticed that “sitting in hair and makeup for three hours and then going and getting dressed and then going to stand on a stage is just not really normal for humans. I love what I do, but I was like, ‘This actually gives me a lot of anxiety.'”

But luckily for us fans, Bebe admits, “I love music so much that it’s worth it.”

By Andrea Dresdale