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Bebe Rexha on “Baby I’m Jealous” and those paparazzi pics: “I still look bomb!”

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Bebe Rexha‘s latest hit “Baby I’m Jealous,” featuring Doja Cat, is about being envious of the other women your partner engages with online.  Bebe says it was inspired by her love/hate relationship with social media, but also by something that happened to her in real life.

“It was definitely off of an instance where I caught somebody that I was dating messaging other women,” she tells ABC Audio.  She then had to make it very clear why that was not O.K.

Bebe says, “I had to kind of, like, explain to the person that sending a message and also liking the pictures, to me, was kind of equivalent to walking up to a girl in a bar and just being, like, ‘Hey’…or kind of giving a little wink.”

But while Bebe sings about her insecurities in “Baby I’m Jealous” — which is from her upcoming album —  she had to deal with those insecurities head-on in real life last weekend.  After unflattering photos emerged of her in a bathing suit, she fought back by posting her own video of herself in the same bathing suit, with no filter, to prove the pics were inaccurate.

According to Bebe, her cinematographer boyfriend told her that the paparazzi pics were shot with “a certain lens that was very wide,” while her trainer told her, “I swear they messed with those photos. There’s just no way!'”

Bebe admits, “I’m very honest with myself…I have my issues with loving myself and looking a certain way.” However, she insists, “When I see a picture that is not what my body looks like, I was like, ‘I’m picking up my phone and I’m going to film myself right now.'”

“Yes, I have curves,” she notes. “But I still look bomb!”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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