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Banners says “Someone to You” is a “cry for help,” but “with a happy overcoat on”


Banners‘ song “Someone to You” first came out in 2017, but last year it had a huge resurgence thanks to being in movie and TV trailers and on TikTok — and it’s still going.  Banners, born Michael Nelson, says he thinks people are connecting to the song right now because, in the middle of a pandemic, it just hits differently.

“It always just felt quite light and quite happy because it’s quite up-tempo,” he tells ABC Audio. “And then somebody sent me a message on Instagram and was saying, ‘It makes me feel kind of happy and sad at the same time.’ And then I read the lyrics back and we’re like, ‘Oh, yeah! It’s actually quite conflicted and quite desperate-sounding.!'”

“I’m not saying it’s as good as this, but it’s a bit like ‘Help’ by The Beatles, in that it’s a real cry for help, but with a quite a happy overcoat on,” he laughs.

“I sort of wonder if there’s just a bit of that generally at the moment,” he adds. “People do feel a little bit desperate and a little bit alone, I guess, but also need something to dance around to. So maybe it just, maybe just hits correctly for at the moment.”

It’s funny that Michael would mention The Beatles, since he, like them, happens to be from Liverpool.  He says you sort of can’t help being musical in that city.

“Music in Liverpool’s a massive thing, generally, it’s really two things in Liverpool: It’s soccer and music,” he notes. “So, yes, The Beatles are obviously a big part of it, but it’s the sort of place you grow up in and you’re just surrounded by it all the time…It gets in your soul that way, I think.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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