Ava Max on the “crazy” COVID testing needed to make her “risqué” new video

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Ava Max has released a sexy, dance-heavy video for her latest hit “My Head & My Heart” — and she says those shots of her getting up-close-and-personal with a male dancer required, not a lot of rehearsal, but a lot of testing.

“It was like four different tests: two days before, one day before, the day on set, then temperature checks!” Ava laughs, explaining what it was like trying to film the video under strict COVID-19 guidelines. “Oh, and then test again! Oh, and wear masks in between scenes…it’s crazy!”

Still, the tests allowed her to create a clip that she says is “almost a little like more risqué than I usually do.”

“It just shows the nightlife and what we go through when we’re in the nightlife, and if we’ve ever experienced being torn [between] your head and your heart,” she tells ABC Audio. “It’s filled with dancing…this is probably [the] most dancing I’ve ever done in a music video…It makes you want to have fun and, I think, get out of his quarantine!”

Ava Max released “My Head & My Heart” after her debut album Heaven & Hell came out in September.  So does that mean the song is the first of a bunch of new songs she’ll include on a deluxe edition of the album?  Well, maybe.

“You know, it might be but we’re actually playing around with some different ideas because I am working on the next project,” she teases. “There’s a lot of options in the air right now!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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