Ally Brooke’s holidays plans involve lots of Mexican food and Christmas cookies


2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to change their holiday plans, but when it comes to Christmas this year, Ally Brooke is keeping up her family traditions.  Specifically, the singer tells People she’s ready for all the holiday comfort foods.

“I’ll definitely eat lots of tamales, make lots of queso and Mexican food,” she says. “I also love to make Christmas cookies with my dad [Jerry] and my little cousin, so definitely still doing that.”

“My dad has thousands of lights on the house already,” she adds. “It looks like a winter wonderland and just being together, watching movies, spending time, cooking, baking, that’s what’s so special for me.”

Her love for her family’s traditional cooking runs so deep that she tells ABC Audio she’d love to write a cookbook someday.

“I have wanted to do a cookbook for a very long time,” says the singer, who released her memoir Finding Your Harmony a few months ago. “I have some of my family’s recipes, everything from enchiladas, to tortillas to beef tacos…so that’s a dream and I hope one day I can do that ’cause I know my fans would love that! And there’s so many recipes I’m just dying to share!”

As for what else Ally has in store, she hopes to finally release her debut solo album in 2021. And after filming her first movie this year, High Expectations, she’s ready for more acting.

“I really am looking for stories that really hit home or kind of have a lot of depth or layers to them or some fun, comedic and romantic roles,” she tells People. “I can’t wait to continue to do more film and TV and hopefully, even one day, Broadway — I would absolutely just jump for joy for that.”

By Andrea Tuccillo
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