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Ahead of Lollapalooza debut, Måneskin reflects on first Coachella


Måneskin‘s wild ride to stardom continues this weekend with the band’s first performance at Chicago’s Lollapalooza. Earlier this year, the Italian rockers made their debut at another U.S. festival institution: Coachella.

Speaking with ABC Audio, frontman Damiano David recalls Måneskin’s “crazy” experience at Coachella.

“Every year, the whole Coachella thing reaches Italy, ’cause it’s huge,” David shares. “We always watched through Instagram or Twitter or whatever, and we always dreamt of playing there.”

As thrilling as it was to be performing at Coachella, the Måneskin members were just as excited about the rest of the festival’s lineup.

“When we got to play there, it was super cool to know that, while you’re playing, on the other stage at the same time, Doja Cat is playing,” David says. “So you feel like you’re getting into … the major league of music.”

Måneskin will play Lollapalooza on Sunday, July 31. They’ll launch their debut North American headlining tour in October.