Your favorite Cubs moment from the 2016 season

By far the best Cubs moment of 2016: the Sports Illustrated spread of Arrieta naked pitching.

Watching schwarber hit a homerun during spring break and cracking the windshield of the car with the ball.

When Rizzo was hanging on Ross’s arm in the dugout, said “I’m in a glass case of emotions” channeling Ron Burgundy in game 7.

When Joe Maddon finally smiled .

In the playoffs we were there when montero hit the grand slam. The crowd was quiet and then crack, I swear that ball went in slow motion.

Travis wood making a catch in the outfield and the dugout celebrating for him!

The ear to ear grin on KRIS Bryant’s face while he fielded the ball and threw to first base for the final out.

Favorite Cubs moment: When Ross hit a HOMERUN on his last game that won the World Series.

When the cubs almost blew game 7 of the World Series.

Wilson Contreras mlb debut first pitch pinch hit home run

Baez letting the infield hit drop instead of catching it and forcing the double play to get out of the inning. NLCS game 2.

Eddie Vedder singing the seventh-inning stretch with Harry Carey.

Javy Baez walk off homer on Mother’s Day.


When Rizzo apologized to the Ump. He is a great guy!!

Ben Zobrist riding his bike in full uniform to the game.