Why are you on the naughty list?

I’m re-gifting about 75% of the gifts I received from last year so I don’t have to go shopping!

Hooking up with a guy named Grimur

All year I TOOK a penny and never LEFT a penny

I took my sons’ candy from Halloween and blamed my husband for taking it.

Broke up with my fiancé in march, eloped with someone else in April, now we have a baby due in July!

I accidentally stumbled upon my Christmas present. It’s a pair earrings and I tried them on

Spent WAY too much at the casino this year… my husband doesn’t know but Santa does. And that scares me

My Husband and I split the bills. Which means he’s been paying for 1/2 of his own gifts.

I’m on the naughty list because when I found out my husband was cheating on me I poured Nair into his Head and shoulders shampoo. And then I slowly replaced his viagra with estrogen pills. And then I cut holes in the crotch seam of every pair of his work dress pants

What landed me on the naughty list? I fornicated with an elf. And by elf I mean a 3’2 woman in a elf costume

I had a baby with my “friend with benefits”