When did you know he/she was the one?

I knew he was the one when I looked over at him in the movie theater and he was sound asleep with his mouth wide open. It was our 2nd date…

We were at her house i let one rip and apologized and she says thats it? And lets one rip so loud

When he took and passed a sociopath test on our first phone call to make sure he wasn’t a sociopath like my ex was…

We were having sex with the tv on in the background and Family Guy’s song Have you ever put butter on a pop tart came on and we both burst out laughing so hard and we couldn’t finish. That was it.

After getting into a fight that lasted for four days, we decided to have drinks at a TGI Friday’s in the morning. Shortly after we were doin’ it in the bathroom wasted by noon.

When he touched my boob.

When I was craving Taco Bell at 3 AM and he brought it to me

When he came over and took the dead skunk out of my basement.

On our 1 year dating anniversary, I pulled a Dumb and Dumber after eating food that didn’t agree with me and I clogged his toilet. He didn’t care and instead made me laugh about it.

We were on a run at the forest preserve when a deer with huge antlers started sprinting towards us and he jumped in between in front of me without hesitation. The deer turned away.

When he got a man’s band and I got a woman’s band out of a quarter machine, one after the other.

He was being escorted off my place of work for arguing at a blackjack table and I just thought wow he is hot, I must get to know him.