What/who is your subject for “DBAG or NOT DBAG”?

LeBron James

Guys at LA Fitness after 10pm

Anyone who vapes

Poker players

Doing 15 in a 30

The girls that don’t listen to country music but wear midriff-baring flannels and cowboy boots

The co-worker who always comments on what you’re eating for lunch

Jean-Claude van damn

The person who wrote the Kars for Kids jingle

Large men with tiny dogs

Tom Brady

Jay cutler

The guy who takes the middle urinal when all 3 are available

Guys who use tanning beds

Guys who wear jorts

John Cena

Coworker that changes her Chicago baseball alliance depending on which boss is around.

The guy who takes you out pays for drinks and appetizers at the first bar. When you get to the 2nd bar he says “This round’s on you”

Guy driving a white Tesla with a license plate that says “youngmoney”


Guy driving a blacked out Dodge Charger with a license plate that says “Murica”

Harrison Ford

Driver that honks immediately after light turns green

Anyone with 2 first names

D-bag? Grown men named Tom who insist on being called Tommy.

Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel

Our neighbors in their late 20-s drive a corvette and blasts pour some sugar on me every time he drives by.

More DBAG/not a DBAG. So many, yes it’s a list: people that use a golf umbrella in the loop.

Reverse visor guy

When you ask someone about their weekend and they tell you all about it but they don’t ask about yours

D bag/no dbag: Toddlers

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

The hardcore Cubs fan who wears Cubs gear everyday, since the day they won the series, but almost never before they won.

Robert De Niro


Any hipster alive

Dr Phil

The guy from work who goes home early EVERY DAY and posts videos of himself lifting weights and playing around with a kettle bell in