What’s your fake reason for not being at work?

I can’t work on Sundays during football season because my cousin plays for the Chicago bears

Told my boss that my kid has been sick so I can go to a new job interview.

I told my boss I’m taking care of my mom that has dementia on my sick and personal days when really I’m just taking off to have fun. My mom is really fine.

I’m taking “maternity leave” but it’s actually for another job

Biggest lie I’ve told at work: “I’m happy working here”

I’m working from Florida not my home office in Huntley IL.

When I say I’m working from home for the rest of the day, I really mean I’m napping

I needed the day off so I lied that my grandma just died. I think my grandma has died 3 times now.

Most of my meetings throughout the week are spent on the golf course. My boss thinks I’m such a hard worker that he sometimes gives me an extra day off during the week

I need to work from home on Mondays because my nieces need a ride to school. I don’t even have siblings

I am anemic, which makes me cold more often, so I HAVE to sit by a window for the warm sunlight