What’s your embarrassing gym confession?

My first day with the personal trainer at the gym he accidentally hit me with his junk on my face as he was spotting me on the bench.

Just 2 weeks ago I was walking out of the gym with my new gym crush walking out behind me. I confidently hopped off the curb onto a PATCH OF ICE! I caught myself with my legs spread and my pants ripped down the middle. He saw my full, bare ass.

My bf & I were working out and I heard a fart. I said “eww Terrance!” to my boyfriend. The guy working out next to us said “sorry, that was me”. I was mortified.

One time at the gym I took a weight off the weight rack to add to my squatting bar but when I looked back it was on the guy’s bar next to me and he said “bro that was on my stack.”

First time at gym in a loooong time and wanted to stretch before starting not wanting to pull a hammy, long story short I fell asleep while doing so and was awoken up by a staff member saying “Sir, I’m sorry but there’s no napping near the free weights”.

I was being competitive and noticed the person on the elliptical next to me had more strides so I speed it up and upped the resistance and ended up tumbling off the elliptical.

I was working with a trainer and he worked me so hard, I passed out. But when I fell into the gym floor I also peed my pants. 

I am a 38DD. My bra strap broke when I was running with guys on both sides of me.

My husband was jogging on the treadmill and I was in another part of the gym. I walked up and smacked him on the butt and said nice ass baby. The guy turned around and it was NOT my husband!

My shoelace got caught in the treadmill and I fell and broke my nose. Blood everywhere.

In college, a friend and I went to work out. Being a newbie, I wasn’t familiar with the machines. I went to a machine with some hand peddles and foot peddles and couldn’t figure it out. No seat. I kept jumping in the air trying to peddle. Then someone walked by and said that machine is for people in a wheelchair. We immediately left the gym.

I was in the hot tub after working out, in a strapless bathing suit top, and I’m 20. This tall, built like hulk 60+ man comes in the hot tub and I smile and we sit in silence. Finally, I get out, and he looks me dead in the eye and goes “damn, I thought you were topless” because he couldn’t see my bathing suit because of the bubbles and no straps.