What’s the UNIQUE activity you did over Memorial Day Weekend?

I took a load of manure to a friend’s house

We had a party for our weiner dog. An American hot dog party.

We always shave the heads of the team who looses in backyard baseball. We take our baseball very seriously.

I spent 3 hours changing the guts inside a toilet tank because 1 bolt would not come off.

I 3D printed a concrete beam for a NASA Martian habitat competition this weekend

Followed my dog around trees and under scratchy bushes to catch her pee for a Lyme disease test.

I made chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles

Hit up 3 Goodwill Stores looking for plain white collared work shirts, found one. Good Times!

Putting together IKEA shelving units for my father in law 

Hooked up a car seat into a 1978 Corvette

Slept on the USS Cobia submarine in Manitowic with 13 Boy Scouts

Deep cleaned my nasty bathroom

Trimmed my porn stache and watched cartoons

My wife and I took an all-day nap yesterday and woke up at midnight in order to binge watch House Of Cards, which we just finished an hour ago. Now I have to go to work.

I opened the windows, lit all the candles in the house, and watched The Golden Girls with the dog and cat.