What’s the strange or awkward conversation that took place at your Thanksgiving dinner?

We convinced my grandmother that she needed to go on tinder. She got several likes and couple of super likes right away

My mom and husband both just got their medical cannabis cards so our Thanksgiving dinner consisted of talking about different strains of marijuana

If the elf at mall with Santa had a boob job or not

How long will leggings remain popular

My daughter took antibiotics for a sinus infection and it killed the bacteria in her gut. Now she might need a poop transplant.

Family hair loss.

My 14 year old daughter has her first boyfriend, so her grandma had the sex talk. At dinner. Akward!

Family talked about my 5 month old daughter that I brought. Most didn’t know that it wasn’t from my current girlfriend of 2 years.

My parents would not stop talking about the deer my dad shot with a bow & arrow. The entire event from death to processing.. as well as boiling the head. To a room of family who are animal lovers, newly found vegetarians and kids under the age of 5.

Grandma thinks all music was about sex these days and the kids tried to argue momentarily but then quickly gave in and agreed.

We talked about how unappreciated Thanksgiving is, and got in a fight because some of us refused to play Christmas music during dinner.

Whether feeding the dog turkey will give the dog explosive diarrhea. It got so heated that my 50 year old uncle stormed out like a child.

My aunt brought up the Inquisitive Rabbit, which is a puppet made out of a cloth dinner napkin by my uncle that asks inappropriate questions. First question was whether or not I was still pure. Without a word I got up from the table & walked away.