What’s the secret you’ve been keeping and always wanted to tell?

I still want my ex girlfriend back.

That I make more money than my husband. If only he saw my checks!

My wife makes me a brown bag lunch and I toss it and buy McDonalds or Taco Bell every day.

My wife and I have been together since high school. Most of our friends think we’re the perfect couple. She’s turning 37 and I just turned 35 so been together 19 years. Nobody knows that she’s bisexual and that we swing with other couples or girls depending on the situation. Our sex life never gets old 🙂

I’m secretly a vegan. I pretend I’m just not feeling well when meat is served.

I work as a vegan chef and have pretended to be vegan for 7 years. I secretly eat multiple T-bone steaks after the restaurant closes.

My best friend told me he slept with his roommate’s girlfriend and his roommates best friend at the same time in his roommates bed while he was out of the state.

I’m a borderline stalker. NKOTB was in town, so I drove past Donnie and Jenny’s house to see if there were any cars in the driveway that I recognized from their Facebook videos. All the cars were there so I circled around again and attempted to take pictures. I’m pathetic.

My secret is a friend won 250k on a instant scratch off ticket and isn’t telling his wife. He’s going to surprise her with a house, they currently rent.

I’m in love with the wife of my best friend of 30 years.

My sister-in-law thinks that she took my brother-in-law’s virginity. The rest of the family knows that he slept with a stripper when he was a bouncer at a strip club in college.

My friend told me that her 22 year old daughter is not her husbands. Nobody knows. She had an affair and never told anyone that her daughter is the result of that affair.

My brother is not really graduating next weekend and my parents are driving down for the graduation.