What’s the question that you regret asking in your relationship?

You’re 32. Why is your mom still doing your laundry?

Why don’t you spray my underwear before you wash it anymore?

I asked “Does this 20 pounds make my face look like a chipmunk?” Now he sneaks up on me and makes chipmunk noises

Why aren’t you as fun as you used to be?

What do you really think of my mom?

Did you take your meds today?

When we go out and he says “I’ve been here before” and I ask “with who!?”

Why is your sister more fun than you?

Can you please never cook that again?

Me and my wife were going out and for dinner and as we were leaving the house I said “No make up today”?

Why don’t you go to weight watchers anymore?

What do you really think of my mom?

Do we need to keep the cat?

Have you ever thought about Lipo?

I met some of my girlfriend’s guy friends and I asked her after we got home. “So, which one of them did you sleep with”? I had to sleep at my moms house that night after hearing the answer.