What’s the meanest thing anyone’s said to you?

I was at my friends grad party and I went to get some cake and one of her relatives said “with thighs like that do you really need cake?”

The meanest thing someone ever said to me was when my sister said I intentionally got pregnant while she was engaged to steal her thunder

Some guy said to me no you’re not fat, but you’re just kind of “fluffy.”

My family went out to eat where I work. The hostess asked me who everyone was and when I introduced my sister, her response to me was “YOU’RE sisters? But she’s so pretty!”

My ex told me “people don’t like you as much as you think they do”

“Can I tell you something personal? You have a horse face”

You were born to make people miserable

Someone asked me How did “you” get such a pretty name? Guess my parents should’ve waited to see what I’d look like before naming me

In 6th Grade I was a new kid at the school. They told me I was an ugly dog and put doggie biscuits inside my desk.

When I was younger my friends started calling me Eddie (Edward scissorhands) and when I asked why they said “because you look like a scared little boy”.

A friend saw me after losing weight: “You’re not as fat as you use to be!”

“I am just so not attracted to you at all.”

I would’ve given you a better gift if you’d had a bigger, nicer wedding.

Had a Lyft driver ask why I was visiting town. Told her it was for a Softball tournament. She turns around and bluntly asks, “With that fat belly?!”

In that bathing suit you look like a hot dog that exploded in a microwave