What’s the current conflict with your in-laws?

I’m a chef and they have a key. Often they let themselves in to raid the fridge in the middle of the night

Every time I see my mother in law she asks how the divorce is going…meanwhile my husband and I are extremely happy and not getting divorced. She doesn’t like me.

I started a company 15 yrs ago right after getting married. Since then, 6 of my husband’s family members have tried starting the identical business and turned into direct competitors.

My in-laws demand that EVERYTHING has to be organic

They let my children eat what they want when they want. Example.. eating popsicles all day long for breakfast lunch and dinner

My mother in law won’t stop hanging out with my husband’s ex wife

My father in law picked up our puppy and thought it was going to bite him and he tossed it across the room. I considered divorce at that moment.

They passed away earlier this year and therefore no more conflicts. EVER!

They tell me my daughter should to go on a diet because she is fat and will never find someone to love her.

My in-laws stopped talking to us because we got a kitten for the kids. Reason one: Thought I wasn’t responsible enough to take care of the kitten. Reason 2: It’s a purebred not a rescue

My in-laws thought it would be a good idea to tie dye tshirts with my kids on our white granite countertops while they were babysitting. My counter is now pink

I posted a pic of one of my kids putting the other kid in the dryer and they went ballistic.. I have since blocked both of them

Mother in law wants me to pay her electric bill for her 6000 square foot house because I accidentally left a powder room light on for 2 mins