What’s something you lied about doing but didn’t actually do?

Said I graduated from DePaul to get my job. I didn’t even go to college!

I can’t draw at all, but in 3rd grade I won a nationwide poster contest for Earth Day. My mom drew it for me.

When the NFL draft was in Chicago I walked around in my nicest suit and when people asked I told people I was going to be drafted.

I have a summer birthday. When I was little I told everyone at school that it was during the school year so I could stand in the middle of the circle with my crown on and be sung to.

I told a guy who wouldn’t stop hitting on me that I had a penis. He stopped.

I told my company I was going for two weeks to work with habitat humanity in order to get extra vacation time. I went to Mexico and got drunk.

Told my husband that I can count on one hand how many guys I slept with before him…BIG LIE!!!!!!

I tried out for Jeopardy but didn’t make the first cut. My mom said to lie and say I made it through. So I do.

I went on stage for a hypnotism show 15 y ars ago and was NOT hypnotized at all, but pretended to be, with my husband and several good friends in the audience. They still talk about it and the crazy things I did. Have still never told them.

I won an online weight loss challenge by putting wads of toilet paper between the scale sensor and floor. Instant 10lb loss

Three of my friends and I were invited up to Cuba Gooding’s suite in Vegas to party all night. I was stuck in my room with diarrhea all night but I tell everyone that I drank Cristal all night with him.

My parents think I went to college but I really spent 3 years backpacking and 1 year at a community college. They have a fake printed diploma hanging in our kitchen.