What’s one thing that you haven’t been honest about in your relationship?

How much her parents unannounced visits at dinner time bother me. 

My hubby has no idea what I spend at the casino. $40 is my answer anytime he asks what I lost or won…”only $40 honey!”

We always talk about how beautiful our baby is…I think we both know our baby is way creepy looking

My ex girlfriend is my best friend. I just say she’s my friend from high school, which is true, I just don’t mention that she’s my ex.

He thinks I like his family……no body can like that family.

She thinks that I think she’s better looking than me

My street racing addiction

He has no idea that I got fired last week from my job. Hoping to find a new one before I tell him.

She thinks I’m naturally olive skinned but I have had weekly tanning salon appointments she knows nothing about

I am buying two baby goats today!

The amount of money i make. She thinks i make half of what I actually do. I was married previously so I’m cautious.

I get Botox and he has no idea.

My age…been dating two years and he still thinks I’m 25..I’m really 29.

He’s getting a bit of a muffin top. (I don’t mind it. It matches mine.)

\He’s not a good kisser. I don’t like kissing him