What’s a regrettable tattoo that you or someone you know has?

Tattoo of a ring on my ring finger.

My nephew has a tattoo of a camel on his big toe…

I have a large Aries sign that covers my whole forearm. The tattoo doesn’t look like the symbol, so people usually guess transformers. Either way is bad.

My best friends and I all got the word “GEEK” tattoed on our tiny flat tummies after high school graduation. Many pregnancies later, we have big ink blotches on our stomachs.

A friend has “Tupac is NOT dead” on his rear… It’s scary!!

I have “Your Name” tattooed on my butt. It was a very long night of drinking… and the Y is backwards and it’s all in pink… yeah and I’m a 6’7″ 300 Ib

My own birth date on my shoulder. People always are curious who died

I have the evolution of man in stick figures on my right arm. My wife’s very catholic family slightly disapproves.

A toilet around my belly button and the hole in the toilet is my belly button

A portrait of Bruce Springsteen face on the middle of my thigh

Recycling symbol on my hip so you know what to do with me when I’m dead.

2 unicorns doing it on my left arm

The words “DIAMOND IN THE RUFF” on my lower back…

Remember Mr. Potato Head? He’s on my ankle.