What’s a difference between you and your significant other?

My husband loves oysters! I can’t stand them. I won’t even kiss him until he brushes his teeth at least three times!
He loves mustard and mustard freaks me out
I exist and he doesn’t lol
I like Bacon, She likes Morning Star Veggie Bacon. Veggie Bacon?! She should be required to go to Confession.
He liked to DM girls on Instagram. I liked to be loyal.
I am a shower guy…my wife only takes baths. I just don’t understand how anyone has that much time to sit in a pool of their own filth. FYI, we are late for everything because of it.
He likes creating art, I like laughing at art
She loves dogs. I hate them. So she got a dog and 12 years later I still hate that creature.
She likes Gilmore Girls, I like South Park
She likes to buy off brand food and everything like dr thunder instead of Dr Pepper. I will never buy off brand anything. It drives me up a wall
I like eating out doors. He will only eat indoors and it can’t be near a window
He only drinks tap/faucet water while I only drink bottled water.
He loves Howard Stern(gross), I love Erik, Whip and Melissa
I like young, HOT women. My wife of 14 years doesn’t.
Our music taste.. he ONLY listens to hard core metal music and I like what you guys play
I want hot comfort food like fried chicken she likes cold sushi
She likes Real Housewives and I like intelligence
I like people and being social. He’s a hermit who hates people
I am a diehard Bears fan. My husband can’t stand football. He is relegated to his office on game day…
My significant other loves broth but I cannot stand it