What you were caught doing that one time

I was caught on tinder in the couples therapy waiting room

My manager came behind me and asked to use my computer quickly, caught me looking at job opportunities and that I’d clicked on application.

I got caught looking at bongs at a gas station by my former student.

I got caught having doing it with my girlfriend in a high-rise office complex by the janitor crew

When I was in high school I was caught watching little mermaid with my legs wrapped in plastic wrap.

I got caught by my parents for having a bar in the front bushes. I had bottles of vodka, rum and tequila hidden in the bushes.

I was testing out different sizes of breast implants and I got caught taking them out of my bra at my desk at work. I’m a teacher.

When I was in high school, Scottie Pippin was at Baskin Robbins. My friend and I tried to sneak a picture of him with my fiend in the back, he caught us and bought our ice cream.

I got caught rolling my eyes at my college professor. He was not happy about that.

Caught comparing my manhood to A Q tip for a length reference

I was caught uncontrollably laughing at a funeral. My sister and I had to leave.

I got caught making my pet rat dance to “I Will Survive”

Got caught having hangover poops at my girlfriend’s sorority house while visiting her for the weekend.

Got caught having sex in my high school parking lot by three cop cars shining their lights straight at us….