What were you doing at midnight to ring in the New Year?

Cleaning vomit out of my two year old’s crib, the wall, and the heater vent.

Rewatching the Mariah Carey FAIL

Hiding from an ex in the bathroom at Gibson’s at midnight

I started my new year off with a bang 😉

I was stuck in a White Castle’s bathrooml. The door latch was broken and no one told me. The staff took 45 min to get me out.

At a tea party

Watching Rogue 1 at the movie theater.

Wedged under the bed comforting a shaking dog that is terrified of fireworks.

As 2017 came in I was stuck half way out a 3rd story apartment window waiting for the fire department to arrive.

Cleaning up my friend’s vomit in the back of a cab…

In a ditch waiting for a tow truck

Puking on an MRI machine

Porta potty

Changing my ex wife’s flat tire on Lower Wacker