What was your worst moment as a kid?

I stole my 18 year old brother’s car and ended up at my friend’s house where his parents have chickens. Long story short I left the windows down and all the chickens came in the car and pooped everywhere. I was grounded for so long I forgot what fun was.

When I was 10 I took my older sister’s bike. She chased me. I got away only to crash into the mailbox at the end of our block. Had to go to ER for stitches but still go in trouble for taking her bike. I’m the 8th out of 10 kids.

When I was 13 I stayed up late playing video games and got hungry so I went downstairs and ate haft my sisters birthday cake for her birthday the next day.

Put a thumbtack on my 5th grade teacher’s chair

I was the youngest of 4 and discovered the formula for gun powder. Convinced my mother to buy one of the chemicals at the drug store (this was in the 60s). With three ingredients, I blew up in our family room burning the hair on us kids. I’ve never lived that one down.

When I was 6 I walked into a neighbors back door (I didn’t know) walked down their hallway and took a Lego set from a bedroom.

I poured a bottle of cough syrup in the dishwasher as a child. My mom thought I drank it and had my stomach pumped. She had to interview with DCFS

At the age of 5 I got a little to curious and got a feather stuck in my “you know what”. This has haunted me to this day and I am 37 now.

In the middle of a 7th grade basketball game i got upset and did the wwe “suck it sign” to an opposing player. Double technical foul and got booted from the game with 30 seconds left.

When I was 10 I broke my sisters nose with a flute.

Racked up $500 in charges for calling the music box channel to request Bart Simpson music videos.

My cousin and I had a ROCK fight with the neighbor kids. Not snowballs, not a water gun fight. LANDSCAPING ROCKS

I started in a new school and told everyone I was a black belt. I was not. A girl challenged me to a fight. I declined.