What was your rebellious moment?

Came home from a party at the age of 15 and took my parents’ car to get cigarettes.

Accidentally burned down a swampland with fireworks the summer going into high school

I ate three gummy vitamins when the direction said take two

Before freshman year of college I dyed my hair Orange and got a triple mohawk.

Released a 1000 crickets in my HS library

I pierced my tongue at 28 from fear of turning 30

When I turned 18 I got my belly button pierced and my parents didn’t know for years

I was a rebel when I threw a rock through a window. Granted the window was already mostly broken on an abandoned building in an alley. It was kind of liberating though.

I had a fake ID in college. Turned out the guy on the ID was wanted for accessory to murder and I got flagged when entering a bar.

My parents were going to send me to Catholic school so I hid under my bed for an entire day til they agreed to let me go to public school.

I lit off firecrackers in the dorm at college as a distraction to help my friends get out of trouble

I mastered my dad’s signature to sign off on my week of suspension from school

I drove into a cul-de-sac and then drove between 2 houses to get through to the next street.

I took out my dad’s car without a license and sideswiped it against our garage. He still has no idea what happened to his car.

My most rebellious moment was when in high school we took a trip to Costa Rica, and my friends and I ran through the rain forest in the dark with no lights.