What was your nickname as a kid?

“Donkey” is my buddy’s name…like donkey from Shrek because he never shuts up.

Nickname was “Crotchitch” because no one could pronounce my last name of Krallitsch.

My name is Beverly. In grade school, some classmates would call me Beaver.

My nickname in high school was truffle shuffle. I did the truffle shuffle for a talent show in 11th grade. I weighed 250 lbs everyone loved it.

My name is Chris but growing up my brothers called me critter

Porta John, because on a 6th grade field trip I got locked in the bathroom on the bus and my name is John

My last name is Skummer so the nickname I got was Skummbag

Marabeth. A bit unusual – Middle school is was – “Hey, MARA – wanna?

My last name is Porter. I got called “Porter-potty” (like Porta-potty) in school quite often.

I was called Gumby for being tall and thin.

My name is Harry. So Harry Pothead.