What was the first date warning sign that you experienced?

When he showed up in a conversion van complete with track lighting… and was proud of it. Just. No.

Guy bragged about how much money he had and when he was talking his eyes were closed. The weirdest thing!

He immediately got possessive and tried to go through my phone

She invited me into her house and it was an absolute wreck! Clothes and stuff everywhere I could not believe she let me inside.

He had grass stains on his pants.

He talked at length about how difficult it was to find a bathroom to “sit down in” during his high school years.

I went on a date with a guy and thought it was going well. As we were leaving the restaurant, he stuffed his pants with several handfuls of the mints from the bowl.

He took his eyeball out and put it in my drink. He thought it was a creative way of telling me he had a glass eye.

We were at dinner and his ex walked by. They exchanged hellos and then he asked her to join us for a drink, which she did.

Went back to his apartment at end of date (in college) and he offered me a drink but all he had was Zima.

First date warning – a road rage incident, involving driving at 90+ miles an hour “to teach that other guy a lesson”

He told me he dropped acid and saw us married with children before our date so he wanted to take this relationship seriously.