What made your date creepy?

I dated a very wealthy young stock trader. Went to his apartment and he had photos of his ex-girlfriend’s framed up on his wall mixed in with family photos.

This one guy seemed sketchy because he was always driving extremely fancy expensive cars, but never seemed to work. It was fun for a bit, but didn’t want to get attached to a sketchy character.

He had a room of rations and supplies in anticipation of the doomsday

He wore a tshirt on our date that said “who are these kids and why are they calling me daddy”. Yuck…

Was asked on a date by a guy, agreed until his idea of a date was a walk in the woods

Whenever we go out with a group of friends he points out ideal places to dump a body

He would order gluten-free pizza… And then eat it with ketchup!

I lived in Florida and got a call from a guy who I’d been on two dates with. He said he borrowed my car, without my permission, and crashed it.

Dated girl who disappeared for a week. Turns out she got drunk, punched her ex’s window out then checked into rehab. 

Went on a few dates with a girl and realized we were being followed by two black escalades with tinted windows. I casually mentioned that I thought we were being followed (sort of jokingly) and she said that yes, we were being followed. Her dad was under suspicion of committing fraud running a ponzi scheme. Years later, he went to jail.

Met a hookup on Tinder at my apartment. She kept hitting me up but to me there was no chemistry. This went on for three weeks until I saw her moving into my same building. The unit directly one floor below me. Coincidence, no. Sketchy, yes.