What is your work secret?

My work secret is that I bring huge Tupperware to the office when we have catered lunches to bring leftovers home for dinner and smuggle it out in my purse. I even bring a bigger purse on those days.

I get along with everyone at my office…or so they think….I secretly hate them all.

Got lucky on the conference room table.

I dated my coworker for 4 years without anybody at work knowing. When we finally got it engaged, people told me they had no idea. We’ve been married for 14 years.

Two shots of Jameson every day at lunch!!

I call my own cell phone at work to avoid taking calls for 30 mins.

I put a chicken finger in one of the vents at work 6 months ago.

I cater lunch in for a non existent meeting on saturdays. Then I go in around 4:00 pack it all up and I have food for the week.

Most days during lunch I turn off the lights and close my office door and nap under my desk. Call me George Canstanza. It’s refreshing.

I walk a block and a half to a different office building to go to the bathroom every day – the dentist thinks I’m going to the physical therapist office

I wear headphones during the day to avoid conversations at work. Data entry job. Music isn’t even playing.

My husband works from home. He figured out if he rests his mouse on or next to his stomach while he naps, it moves the mouse enough to keep his computer from locking him out and showing he’s inactive. He naps almost constantly.

My work secret is that I move the tiles and nap in the washroom ceiling.