What is the strange thing you argued about in your divorce?

We fought over who HAD to keep our ugly kitchen set that we got as a wedding gift. It was basically a punishment.

A wooden wall clock in the shape of a piece of a tree trunk.

Carlton Fisk rookie card

The wood splitting ax in the garage

Wedding photos, I was so angry I wanted to destroy the wedding photos but my ex wanted to keep them.

Fought over our White House Christmas ornaments

We fought over the most comfortable slippers in the world. We are the same size foot and would previously share them.

Fought over a Stuffed wild turkey

My ex insisted on joint custody of our camcorder. It was even written into our divorce agreement. then he took it to Hawaii on his honeymoon and it broke.

Antique books. I collected them, he hated them but wanted to keep them out of spite.

We fought viciously over our stash of energy drinks

I fought over one “ove glove”, which is a pair of oven mitt gloves. They come in a set and I had to leave one.

He wanted my piano even though he doesn’t play- he just liked how it looked. I’ve played since I was 5 and in many competitions.

In my past divorce, we fought over a set of 4 tray tables. We ended up splitting that too. 2 for each. It was a battle.

Already opened baby shampoo, batteries, light bulbs, dryer sheets and every little thing in the house. It went as far as the judge making the decisions.