What is one question you’d like to ask a guy?

Why are your hands always in your pants? (this was asked by 7 people)

Is when Harry Met Sally saying true? Can guys and girls be just friends or with her always be some underlying possibility?

Question for guys. On a first date, do you think we should assume to split the bill?

Are men’s underwear as comfortable as they look?

Does it really feel like warm apple pie?

When will you learn that we ALWAYS know when you are trying to act cool in front of us?

Why can’t you stay in shape?

Where are your emotions?

How do you manage to remember complicated sports stats but can’t seem to remember to put the juice back in the fridge?

Does the golden urinal rule still apply when there are only 2 urinals?

Why do you always miss when you go to the bathroom? Shouldn’t it be easier for all guys to not miss?

What does it feel like to get hit in your family jewels? 

Why do men tell their mothers important information before their wives?

Do you guys actually discuss the difference in woman’s lower anatomy?