What happened when you lost the bet?

I had to wear a bikini and shave half of my beard and walk around for an entire day while being on vacation in Mexico

When the Cubs won my co worker who is a huge Indians fan has to dress up for the day in Cubs gear.

I had to donate a ridiculous amount of money to the Trump campaign

I lost a bet and I have to get a belly button piercing

When the Broncos lost the Super Bowl to the Seahawks I had to jump in to the snow and do snow angels in nothing but compression shorts #notagoodlook

Had to pierce 1 nipple

My friend proposed to me 3 years ago, I told him I would marry him when the Cubs win the World Series. Thought it’d never happen.

Lost a bet playing card and I had to ski down the illinois river in morris il naked 

My roommate and I made a bet on who would be the World Series champ. I lost and had to get her a Portillos chocolate cake and just watch her eat it while I drooled.

I had to put as many cheetos in my mouth as I could. It’s way more uncomfortable than it sounds to fit 32 cheetos in your mouth

I lost a basketball game to my 17 year old son so I had to “chauffeur” him for a month in a suit and limo driver hat.

I had to drink water out of the Christmas tree stand – yuk! Like rancid Gin and tonic

I had to drink coffee that had been “tea bagged” by a coworker

Lost a bet and had to shave 1/2 of my body. From head to toe.