What does your significant other not want the world to know?

My husband was convinced that he had testicular cancer because one of his balls is bigger than the other. The doctor told him it was normal but he still walked around for a week convinced he was going to die.


She burned the house down as a kid


That he has a third nipple and he loves Gilmore Girls as much as I do.


My 6’3″ 285 lb hubby is afraid of the wind and panics that he’ll blow away in wind storms.


He pops “stool softeners” in bulk. Seriously, like Costco size volume each week. 


My husband doesn’t want everyone to know he has over 200 Heman and ghostbusters “action figures” aka dolls that he’s still obsessed with.


He sleeps with a stuffed animal that he originally bought for me


When he was 30yrs old he got Botox in his face be because the doctor said it would be a nice gift for his wife?!?! WTF?!


I’m a 33 year old man who needs to cut my eyebrows every day, or I’ll end up growing bangs over my eyes within two weeks


My husband used to teach high impact aerobics and the song during high kicks was “it’s raining men.”


That he is the little spoon when we sleep


She buys expensive clothes at a store, wears them for a event with the tags on . returns them afterwards


My husband doesn’t want anyone to know that he grabs his stuff then smells his hand CONSTANTLY!


He loves the Princess Diaries movies. Both movies, 1 and 2. He can recite every word.


My girlfriend farts…loudly…in her sleep


There is more hair on his ass than on his head.


My husband is terrified of mice and makes me empty the mousetraps


He pees sitting down