What do you or someone you know suck at?

My partner SUCKS at admitting when he’s wrong !
My fiance sucks at making soup. He didn’t know he had to add water to soup. It comes up in fights all the time.
Walking 1 step to put garbage into the can
You suck at buttering the popcorn before the movie
He sucks at adulting. How hard is it to keep your home tidy and pay your bills on time?
Suck at being romantic
They suck at sneezing! It’s like an ocean exploded out of his mouth. Disgusting.
He sucks at picking winning lottery tickets
He sucks at trimming his nose hairs
My wife sucks at boiling water!
He sucks at putting his socks and underwear in the laundry basket. They end up next to the basket, never in it
He sucks at not checking baseball scores every 2 minutes
Deciding what’s for dinner
He sucks at EATING! I can hear every chew, crunch and slurp! Ugh!
They suck at giving me regular, loving back and foot massages. 
My husband is a bad driver. He even hits parked cars
I tell him: You SUCK at growing a beard. (He’s very proud of his beard…)