What do you currently have anxiety about?

Having to go #2 at work!!

I’m having intense anxiety about the election!!

That my anxiety medicine won’t work

Someone rode in my car and created a crease in the leather. I can’t get it out.

Whether or not I’ll make it to work before I have to do my morning…business. It’s an hour drive – without traffic. 

Current anxiety is about taking the kids to the waterpark because pee water

I am stressing because today is my son’s birthday, tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday, and I have not purchased diddley squat!

Whether my baby is going to barf or poop on me this morning

Stressing about getting to my relaxing yoga class on time!

Stressing about being freshly divorced as of yesterday and diving back into the dating pool. I think my douchebag radar is off after 14 years!

My son sharted on the way to daycare. I was running late and didn’t have time to change him. I told them he sat on chocolate. I’m stressed they’ll figure it out.

What am I going to do with my Virgo tattoo now that the zodiac signs have changed…