What do you currently feel bad about?

Feeling bad about going in to work to tell my boss I’m quitting

Lately I’ve been feeling really badly for roadkill. I think about their sad family members scurrying away after one got hit by a car. Then I think about how ridiculous I am for feeling this way and feel even worse about it.

Sneaking into the office and hiding with the lights off and the door closed because I’m just not ready yet

I feel badly that I want to leave the window open so my roommate’s cat jumps out. It’s just evil and I wish It wasn’t around.

I am sad because my ZUMBA class has been cancelled and I’m on my way to being a chubster

I feel bad that I forgot to give my Freshman son his iPad for his first day of school

I got a bowling ball. It’s awesome because we go on dates to go bowling. I am quite good now. But I feel bad about it.

I feel bad that I let my let my girlfriend win at mini golf. Now she’s gloating about it and rubbing it in that she won.

I feel bad about feeling bad about the donut I’m currently eating.

I had too much to drink Saturday night. I had a massive hangover all day yesterday and my boyfriend had to take care of me. I feel bad that he felt so bad about how I was feeling.

I feel extremely bad that we have a lone guinea pig cuz I read an article that says in Sweden they are only selling them in pairs because they get lonely

I feel bad about sending my son to back to school with no juice box, because i drank them all last week

I clogged the toilet at a BBQ this weekend and didn’t tell anyone. Then a 10 yr old girl used it and everyone blamed her, including me….I feel bad

I feel bad about listening to the Eric and Kathy show while the kids at my camp run rampant on the other counselors